WhatsApp recent highlights and the SIGNAL tops in an app’s play store

In recent days, messaging apps request users to let and agree when collecting user data, including phone numbers and location. To sort out this, Turkish Competition Board on investigation with WhatsApp owners’ written statement forced to stop data-collection requirements for a while. Highlights: The last date fixed for agreeing new term is FEB 8. TelegramContinue reading “WhatsApp recent highlights and the SIGNAL tops in an app’s play store”

An Alternative for PUBG is FAU-G

Guess what it is? FAU-G releasing on this Jan 26th On 26th January, FAU-G is expected to be released on this republic day of India. This game is into the zone after the ban of PUBG mobile. FAU-G is into the pre-registration on the play store since Dec 2020. The famous Bollywood actor Akshay KumarContinue reading “An Alternative for PUBG is FAU-G”

CoWIN App is going to be the official vaccine app of India

CoWIN is the official App by our central government, which is yet to be released on the Google Play store. This App is still in the pre-production stage and it is yet to be released on the play store. Let’s see the overview of this digitized application below. CoWIN Application – Highlights This App hasContinue reading “CoWIN App is going to be the official vaccine app of India”

Review-Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

In recent days, Apple has released the iPhone 12 series. The objective of these new releases portrays “something is available for everyone”. Starting from the new iPhone (12mini), there is a premium iPhone for all and then comes to the advanced iPhone (12 Pro Max). The interesting thing is iPhone 12 Max is recognized asContinue reading “Review-Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max”

Telegram-Charging money for some features from 2021

Are you a Telegram user? Or your acquaintances use Telegram? Telegram’s founder and CEO, Pavel Durov, last week announced a premium plan for Telegram. This plan generates revenue for Telegram from the starting day of Jan 1st, 2021″. Check out this summary highlights: In the upcoming days or months, telegram is not for free toContinue reading “Telegram-Charging money for some features from 2021”

The best Wi-Fi Routers for High-Speed Internet

It doesn’t matter with dual-band, tri-band, or mesh buy these Wi-Fi router systems as these are the best ones that ensure coverage improvement and download times. We know fixing Wi-Fi in our room or house gets us connected to the internet. In fact, many homes have Wi-Fi connections today. Though many households use the same,Continue reading “The best Wi-Fi Routers for High-Speed Internet”