WhatsApp recent highlights and the SIGNAL tops in an app’s play store

In recent days, messaging apps request users to let and agree when collecting user data, including phone numbers and location. To sort out this, Turkish Competition Board on investigation with WhatsApp owners’ written statement forced to stop data-collection requirements for a while. Highlights: The last date fixed for agreeing new term is FEB 8. TelegramContinue reading “WhatsApp recent highlights and the SIGNAL tops in an app’s play store”

Electric Bikes

Do you use a bike/cycle to commute in this pandemic time? Or you’re commuting with your feet? It is interesting to know how many used this walking or cycling in their pandemic days. The fact says that walking and cycling, in recent days, spiked amongst the people due to Corona. This is not followed inContinue reading “Electric Bikes”

Telegram-Charging money for some features from 2021

Are you a Telegram user? Or your acquaintances use Telegram? Telegram’s founder and CEO, Pavel Durov, last week announced a premium plan for Telegram. This plan generates revenue for Telegram from the starting day of Jan 1st, 2021″. Check out this summary highlights: In the upcoming days or months, telegram is not for free toContinue reading “Telegram-Charging money for some features from 2021”

The top Wi-Fi Extenders

Hurry up! It’s time to extend Wi-Fi with the help of the Wi-Fi boosters. The use of Wi-Fi boosters is an ultimate solution to the Wi-Fi problems. Internet problems are common in every place. Due to the lack of internet connectivity, people who are working from home face many difficulties and the students are unableContinue reading “The top Wi-Fi Extenders”


What is HDR? HDR – High Dynamic Range, the latest TV feature that vastly enhance and improves what you watch. You can know a lot more here – HDR, HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG. High Dynamic Range (HDR) video is one of the greatest 4k TV features. It can push or broadcast any video contentContinue reading “HDR and OLED”


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