Latest Release of Saregama Carvaan Karaoke with Display

Here is good news for Carvaan lovers! Some interesting features add enthusiasm to the audio listeners. Yes, the explicit release of the new audio player in the Carvaan series has got the display screen to throw the lyrics of songs out when the karaoke feature is used. This is really special news for Carvaan KaraokeContinue reading “Latest Release of Saregama Carvaan Karaoke with Display”

Reddit – Create a short video

Reddit is one of the popular network communities. Their latest announcement shows the acquirement of short-form video creation – a kind of Dubsmash platform for an undisclosed amount. Some of the highlights are because of their acquirement On Sunday, Reddit has acquired the Dubsmash rivalry Now the video creation tools will also be available toContinue reading “Reddit – Create a short video”

Vivo Y12s Certification in India

Recently, Vivo Y12s has received the BIS certification with a model number of V2026. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has certified Vivo Y12s through the hint of “possible India launch”. The Vivo mobiles are introduced in global markets like Indonesia, Jordan, and Vietnam. This latest release is just the upgraded version of Vivo Y12.Continue reading “Vivo Y12s Certification in India”

Best Laptops in Rs 25–30K Range

The evolution of technology in computers and electronics highlight their importance in our day to day life. In particular, having a laptop or computer is essential. If you want to replace or exchange the old laptop with a new one, just have a look at our listings which fits your planned budget in the rangeContinue reading “Best Laptops in Rs 25–30K Range”

Secret Santa Gifts under Rs 1000

Christmas Eve is nearing us. Are you confused about what to gift your friends/colleagues? Don’t worry, you can check the below list to make your Christmas special. All the below items approximately match in the range of 500 to 1000. Every technology gadget is meant to excite you with the latest era. The smart approachContinue reading “Secret Santa Gifts under Rs 1000”