China Locks Down City of 4.5 Million as Delta Surges Again

China locked down a city of 4.5 million people within the south eastern province of Fujian after detecting a dozen coronavirus cases, an effort to once more halt a delta outbreak and maintain its strict zero-tolerance approach to Covid-19. 

Residents of the scenic coastal city of Xiamen, a producing hub for electronic components from companies including ABB Ltd. and Schneider Electric SE, consistent with the city’s almanac, were banned from leaving aside from in exceptional circumstances. All residential compounds and villages were closed off, while leisure venues within the tourist city – including cinemas, bars, gym, and libraries – halted operations, city officials said at a news conference on Monday night.

The latest outbreak, which has yet to flee the Fujian province, includes 103 cases in three cities so far . the primary cases were detected in two students from local schools through routine testing. Their father, who returned from overseas in early August, was also infected and is taken into account because the likely origin.

The wave comes but a month after China fought off the broadest outbreak within the country since the virus first emerged in Wuhan. The fast and furious measures taken by local authorities reflect the problem of containing the more transmissible delta variant and therefore the escalation China must undertake to sustain its Covid Zero status.

Starting Tuesday, all kindergartens, primary and middle schools in Xiamen are going to be closed, and students are asked to attend classes online. The city’s long-distance bus terminal suspended all routes to other provinces so as to chop the danger of transmission. Some parts of Xiamen have initiated mass testing, and native authorities decide to roll out citywide testing, consistent with deputy mayor Liao Huasheng.

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