Thalaivii Movie: Cast, Release Date and Reviews


THALAIVI is that the story of a girl’s journey from being a prominent heroine to a prominent political figure. Vijayendra Prasad’s story is superb and does total justice to J Jayalalithaa’s journey from being a movie star to being a Chief Minister. Vijayendra Prasad and Rajat Arora’s screenplay is captivating. Rajat Arora’s dialogues are sharp. A L Vijay’s direction is extremely simplistic and massy. Kangana Ranaut lives the role and is astounding to mention the smallest amount . Arvind Swamy may be a big surprise. Raj Arjun is that the third most vital actor and features a considerable screen role. Nassar, needless to say , is sort of nice. Bhagyashree is subtle and apt for the part. Madhoo (Janaki; MJR’s wife) doesn’t get much scope. Thambi Ramaiah (Madhavan) is fair. Flora Jacob (Indira Gandhi) is alright but Rajiv Kumar (Rajiv Gandhi) looks ditto just like the ex-Prime Minister of India. G V Prakash Kumar’s music is poor. The background score is cinematic and dramatic. Vishal Vittal’s cinematography is spectacular. Neeta Lulla’s costumes are glamorous and like the garments worn at that point by the celebs and political leaders. S Ramakrishna and Monika Nigotre’s production design is extremely detailed. Pattanam Rasheed’s makeup is spot-on. Unifi Media’s VFX is decent. Ballu Saluja’s editing is first-rate within the last half but within the pre-interval, it’s quite haphazard. On the entire , THALAIVII may be a well-made and well-written political saga that’s embellished with yet one more award-winning performance by Kangana Ranaut.

Release Date10-Sep-21
CastKangana Ranaut, Arvind Swami and Bhagyashree
DirectorA. L. Vijay 
ProducerVishnu Vardhan Induri and Shailesh R Singh


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