Ganesh Chaturthi 2021: Date, Time For Ganpati Sthapana And Visarjan

Ganesh Chaturthi will begin on September 10 this year. The festival in honour of Lord Ganesh is widely known with much pomp and zeal in several states, like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh , and Karnataka. The festival, celebrated for a period of 10 days, will conclude on 21 September. Lord Ganesh is taken into account to be the remover of obstacles, and, consistent with the Hindu faith, all important events within the family and community are begun after seeking his blessings. Also referred to as the god of latest beginnings, Ganesh Chaturthi is one among the foremost important festivals dedicated to the deity.

The date of the festival varies annually because it is calculated in accordance with the Hindu calendar . Ganesh Chaturthi is observed on the Shukla Paksha Chaturthi, which is that the fourth day of the fortnight between the new phase of the moon and therefore the full-of-the-moon of Bhadrapada. With reference to the Gregorian calendar , today usually falls within the month of August or September.

Ganesh Chaturthi 2021: Date And Time

This year, the foremost auspicious time for Ganesh Chaturthi puja (worship) is from 11:03 am till 1:33 pm on September 10. The Chaturthi Tithi begins at 12:18 am on September 10 and ends at 09:57 pm on September 10.

The calculations for the date and time of the festival are made consistent with the Amanta and therefore the Purnimanta Hindu calendar , the 2 basic units used across the country.


Worshipping Lord Ganesh brings happiness, peace and prosperity in life. In ‘Sanaatan Dharm’ lord Ganesh is worshipped before the beginning of any good work. Hence Ganesh Chaturthi too features a special significance.


It is believed that worshiping lord Ganesh duly helps in resolving all the issues . Lord Ganesh’s Idol, Water pot, ‘Panchamrit’, red cloth, ‘roli’, ‘Akshat’, ‘Kalava janeoo’, cardamom, coconut, ‘Chandi ka vark’,supari’, ‘laung’, panchmeva’, ‘ghee kapur’, ‘chaukee’ and ‘gangajal’ got to collected for completing the worshipping.


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