The Taliban has completely banned the imports and exports with India through the Pakistan route

The two countries have deep trade and friendly relations. at the present , thanks to ban on trade, dry fruit prices in India can touch the sky. Taliban has banned trade with India through Pakistan Transit.

After the establishment of Taliban rule over Afghanistan, the policy there’s changing very rapidly. India remains during a dilemma regarding its policy regarding the Taliban, but the Taliban’s point of view has become very clear. The Taliban has decided to ban all imports and exports with India.

Director General of Federation of Indian Export Organization (FIEO) Dr Ajay Sahai told press agency ANI that the Taliban has stopped the cargo movement. This trade was done through the Pakistani transit route. thanks to the ban on transit route movement, the import-export from Afghanistan has been completely banned. Ajay Sahai said that the imports from Afghanistan wont to be through the transit route of Pakistan. For the nonce , the Taliban have banned cargo movement to Pakistan. We are watching how the Taliban rulers are taking decisions.

Deep trade ties between the 2 countries

Afghanistan has been a really close friend of India. There also are deep trade relations between the 2 countries. India has also invested thousands of crores there, but after the capture of Taliban, things is critical. Recently, when minister of finance Nirmala Sitharaman was asked an issue during this regard, she simply said that it’s too early to mention anything during this regard.

$835 million in exports thus far this year

Talking about the trade relationship between India and Afghanistan, thus far in 2021, India has exported $ 835 million to Afghanistan. During this era , India has also imported $510 million from Afghanistan. Sahai said that aside from trade, India has also invested an enormous amount of three billion dollars i.e. about 22 thousand crore rupees there. There are about 400 such projects in Afghanistan, where India’s investment has been made.

India buys 85% dry fruits from Afghanistan

Talking about exports, India exports sugar, medicines, tea, coffee, spices and garments to Afghanistan. Dry fruits are mainly imported from Afghanistan. aside from this, gum and onions also are imported from Afghanistan. Sahai said that we’ve full confidence that the Taliban rulers will soon understand that trade is that the way of development. this may open the doors of trade between the 2 countries again. FIEO said that within the coming days, there’ll be a rise within the rate of dry fruits within the country. India imports 85 percent of dry fruits only from Afghanistan.

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