Raj Kundra destroyed Shilpa Shetty’s career?

Raj Kundra destroyed Shilpa Shetty’s career?

Ever since businessman Raj Kundra’s arrest on July 19 during a case associated with the creation and distribution of pornographic content on mobile apps, his wife and Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty had been staying far away from the limelight. She had even stopped shooting for ‘Super Dancer 4′ where she is one among the judges. Her co-judge and filmmaker Anurag Basu had even spoken of how dearly she is missed on sets, stating that he himself did not have any clue on when the actress would resume the shoot. Well, all speculations recently came to an end after Shilpa Shetty resumed the shoot on August 18. Looking classy during a pretty sari, Shilpa was seen heading to the sets of the kids’ dance reality show from her vanity van. Shilpa, who is more often than not seen during a jovial and interactive mood, was seen with none expressions on her face and therefore the same didn’t go unnoticed by concerned fans. Where the actress would normally interact with the paparazzi and even crack jokes, this point she just walked towards the sets together with her head down, only looking up once to wave at the paps with a half-smile. One of the fan, taking notice of her changed behavior wrote, ‘That awkwardness on her face’, another said, ‘Raj Kundra destroyed Shilpa Shetty’s career.

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