Stand Squarely Behind Decision To Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan, Says US President Joe Biden

U.S. President Joe Biden spoke with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday, August 17, 2021, about the situation in Afghanistan and they agreed to hold a G7 summit next week to discuss a similar strategy and approach, the White House said.

The two leaders “spoke of the need to continue the connection of their close and democratic partners with Afghanistan policy forward, including ways in which the international community can provide additional assistance and support for refugees and other vulnerable Afghan people,” the White House said in a statement.

The decision by US President Joe Biden, a Democrat, to adhere to a military withdrawal agreement struck by his former Republican predecessor Donald Trump has sparked widespread criticism at home and among U.S. allies.

The United States and its Western allies resumed evacuation of civilians and civilians on Tuesday, the day following the turmoil at Kabul airport as Afghan people flooded the streets.

As they hurried out, foreign powers explored how they could respond to a change that had taken place after the meltdown of Afghan forces in a few days, with what many had predicted as a rapid liberation of women’s rights.

Downing Street spokesman Johnson said in a statement with Mr Biden “he stressed the importance of not losing the profits made in Afghanistan over the past 20 years, to protect themselves from any emerging terrorist threat and to continue supporting the Afghan people,” a spokesman for Downing Streets said.

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