Taliban ask all Afghan govt staff to return to figure, Japan shuts Kabul embassy

The Taliban has announced general amnesty for all Afghanistan government employees and asked them to return to figure . An Indian Air Force C-17 flight with 120 Indians has landed in India after beginning from Kabul this morning. each day before, harrowing scenes emerged from Afghanistan capital Kabul after the town fell to the Taliban and thousands of Afghans tried to escape the country during a last ditch effort before the country slipped into chaos. Men, women and youngsters were seen rushing to the Kabul airport while some tried to hold close a US Air Force plane, only to fall to their deaths from the sky, which has become one among the foremost shocking visuals of the Afghanistan crisis.

Woman Afghan mayor says ‘waiting for Taliban to kill me’

Zarifa Ghafari, Afghanistan’s first and youngest female mayor has said that after the Taliban takeover, now she has lost all hope and it’s only a matter of your time that she is going to be killed. She said, “I’m sitting here expecting them to return . there’s nobody to assist me or my family. I am just sitting with family and my husband. and that they will come for people like me and kill me.”

German flight manages to rescue only 7 people amid Kabul airport chaos

The first of several German military planes trying to evacuate its nationals from Afghanistan has managed to rescue only 7 people thanks to the chaos at Kabul airport on Monday. A German government official has said, “We have a really chaotic, dangerous and sophisticated situation at the airport. We had little or no time, so we only took on board people that were on site. thanks to the chaotic situation, not many were ready to be at the airport.”

Japan embassy shuts down in Kabul

Japan has closed its embassy in Kabul thanks to the worsening security situation in Afghanistan and therefore the last remaining 12 embassy personnel have also left the country, the Japan Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. “Due to the rapid worsening of the safety situation in Afghanistan, we are temporarily closing our embassy there,” the Japan Foreign Ministry said during a statement, adding that it had been relocating the embassy’s duties to an office in Istanbul.

Indian workers stranded in Kabul plead govt for help

Indian workers stranded in Kabul have requested the govt to evacuate them from Afghanistan as soon as possible. “Our families are crying, we are wanting to get out of here. We called the helpline number, they need not replied yet, but have received the message

Europe must create corridor for refugees: EU official

The European Union Economy Commissioner has said Europe must create humanitarian corridors to avoid the danger of illegal flows of immigrants from Afghanistan as thousands of Afghans plan to flee the country during a desperate bid to flee the Taliban rule.

Malala urges world to require urgent action on Afghanistan

Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, who was once shot at by the Taliban, said she is deeply concerned about things in Afghanistan, particularly the security of girls and girls, and called on world leaders to require urgent action. Malala said US President Joe Biden “has tons to do” and must “take a bold step” to guard the Afghan people. Malala also added that she has been trying to succeed in bent several global leaders.

Taliban leaders begin talks with Afghan politicians

Senior Taliban leader Amir Khan Muttaqi has begun negotiating with Kabul’s political leadership, including Abdullah Abdullah and former President Hamid Karzai. consistent with an Associated Press report, a politician conversant in the talks said that Muttaqi, who was a better education minister when the Taliban last ruled, began making contacts with Afghan political leaders even before Afghan President Ashraf Ghani slipped faraway from the Presidential Palace.

IAF flight lands in Gujarat, Indians coming back from Kabul

India on Tuesday brought back its ambassador, staff of the Kabul embassy and other Indian nationals during a C-17 heavy-lift aircraft of the Indian Air Force in sight of the prevailing situation in Kabul after its take over by the Taliban. External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said it had been decided that the ambassador and his Indian staff will move to India immediately considering the present circumstances in Kabul. The IAF flight landed in Jamnagar of Gujarat on Tuesday morning.

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