Digit Car Insurance

Why Digit Car Insurance ?

Car Insurance policy from Go Digit Insurance Limited is remarkable in terms of providing extensive coverage at a better Insured Declared Value (IDV). Both third party and comprehensive protect automobile insurance are provided by Go Digit. aside from these, the Go Digit automobile insurance also comes with additional services like daily conveyance, advance cash repairs, breakdown assistance etc and far more.

Benefits of Go Digit Insurance

Uncountable exclusive benefits are often availed if you select to shop for Go Digit insurance online. The policies offered from Go Digit stand aside from all other general insurance providers in India. Go Digit General Insurance puts its customers first altogether circumstances, be it the matter of shopping for insurance online or filing claims. determine a number of the simplest benefits that you simply can enjoy if you purchase policy from Go Digit.

Instant Online Quotes
Get insurant quotes from Go Digit on the actual sort of insurance plan you would like to shop for online. All you would like to try to to is log into the official website of the corporate and thereafter enter only necessary details.

Lowest Premium

Go Digit General Insurance provides various insurance solutions at rock bottom premium. Not only this, the policy from Go Digit also provides extensive coverage options at an exceptionally minimal price.

Cashless Facility across India
In terms of health and motor insurance policies, you’ll easily get your claim settled through the cashless garages or hospitals registered under the corporate . Go Digit provides cashless claims facility everywhere India.

Quick and Transparent Claim Settlement”
Go Digit general insurance provides easy and transparent claim settlement for every of their products when a claim is registered with them. they create sure that every of their customers get the simplest benefits and obtain their claim settled during a simpler yet easier way.

Insurance Made Simpler
Go Digit General Insurance Limited primarily focuses on making the entire process of insurance considerably simpler to all or any the people living in India and this is often their motto indeed upon which they construct all of their future strategies. the corporate has made insurance simple so you’ll know it by making it easy to use. they are doing not impose stress on needless terminology. Go Digit insurance only works toward providing best insurance plans at lower premiums with super-smooth claims process. Go Digit is here to ‘Make Insurance Simple’.

Conveyance Allowance
For the primary time in India, Go Digit General Insurance is offering daily conveyance with cab vouchers worth Rs. 200/- per day for 3 days after you register your claim.

Breakdown Assistance
In case your car faces breakdown resulting out of flat battery, flat tyre etc, Go Digit insurance provides instant assistance within a specified period of time to assist you out with towing facilities, minor repairs, any medical coordination, relaying an urgent message to relatives, fuel assistance and even accommodation benefits (if you need).

Online Renewal and buy
In the age of technology, Go Digit has made all the simplest use of those modern developments. Go Digit offers their insurance policies online. you’ll easily get quote and buy insurance online by visiting the official portal of Go Digit. On the opposite hand, you’ll instantly renew your policy online from Go Digit without having to face any hassle. Just make the payment on your renewal or purchase premium securely online and you’ll be through with the Go Digit insurance online.

*Please ask insurer before purchasing your policy.

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