‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar’ (Sahdev Dirdo)

MG Motors Gifts Him Cheque Worth Rs. 21,000 and its not over yet

Sahdev Dirdo who sang this song in his school sang it casually. However, after the video was uploaded, he became an overnight celebrity.

Once he shot to fame, people came forward to acknowledge him further. Whether that’s politicians or celebrities, everyone seems excited to satisfy him. the child has also been receiving some really cool opportunities.

Rapper Badshah also made a couple of reels on Sahdev’s version of the song. He was even called as a guest on the truth show Indian Idol.

However, now MG, also referred to as Morris Garages, honoured Sahdev Dirdo for his song and gave him a check of Rs 21,000

Rapper Badshah along side singer Aastha Gill has collaborated with the Sahdev now for a full-fledged music video. The video got out for the planet to observe on 12 August 2021 and it’s available on YouTube. The song is additionally available on the official YouTube channel of Badshah which is being liked by people.

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