Why Car Insurance Required?

  • Car insurances usually don’t receive tons of attention from car owners in India, and one can easily be misled into choosing the insurance with rock bottom of premiums, just to clear the road traffic norms. But on the contrary, a automobile insurance is probably as important as buying the car itself. There are several factors one must consider before purchasing an insurance protect your car, and a few of them are

Does it offer comprehensive cover?

  • A comprehensive motor insurance cover provides insurance to you and your vehicle just in case of an accident and thus is completely necessary in terms of getting protection. A comprehensive insurance also covers other damages like , accidental fire, theft, etc. The premium prices for comprehensive car insurances are above third party premiums, but are well worth the investment just in case of damages to your vehicle.

Does it fit your need?

  • Getting an insurance plan that suits your needs in terms of coverage is important . you ought to assess the usage of your vehicle, if the usage is extensive, you ought to buy comprehensive cover which covers damage to the vehicle and mandatory third party liability.

1. Automobile insurance policy usually covers the following:

  • Damage or loss of any kind done to the policyholders’ vehicle.
  • Any consequences of an accident or other factors like theft, fire, explosion, lightning, riots, strikes or act of terrorism, natural calamities, and more.
  • Any damage caused to a 3rd party/person/property.
  • Personal Accident Cover.

2. On the opposite hand, your automobile insurance policy won’t cover:

  • Any damage that happens when the policy isn’t in effect depreciation of the vehicle and its parts.
  • Any damage happening when driving without a legitimate car license damages occurring when driving under the influence or through drug abuse , drugs, narcotics, etc.
  • Any damage happening thanks to oil leakage.
  • Any damage occurring when using your private vehicle for commercial use.

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