Prepaid vs Postpaid Connection: Which one is better for you?

Choosing between prepaid and postpaid are often difficult. tons of times people are confused and have low knowledge on what’s better for them.

To begin with this decision, you want to first understand what exactly may be a prepaid and postpaid connection.

Prepaid Connection is once you ‘Pre-pay’ for your mobile usage. you’ll choose a prepaid recharge plan and begin using the advantages consistent with the validity of your selected plan. With a prepaid connection, you’ll change plans at every recharge as per your requirements.

Postpaid Connection is once you pay your bills after using the connection for a month. there’s a monthly rental that you simply simply select within the beginning which is that the minimum amount that you need to buy your postpaid connection. This plan are going to be auto-activated monthly . You don’t need to choose a replacement plan monthly for your postpaid connection.

Thus, this is often how prepaid and postpaid connection are majorly differentiated: on the idea of their payment method.

In the past 1- 2 years, the whole telecom industry has undergone major changes. Top telecom operators like Airtel, Jio, Vi have gotten new prepaid and postpaid plans making it far more affordable for the users.

Wondering which connection type are going to be better for you? we’ve the answer! Here may be a blog which will assist you understand if you’re a “Pre-paid-person” or “Post-paid-person”

Here are few points that could help you to choose plan wisely.

  1. Based On The Flexibility Of Tariff Pack’s Choice
  2. Based on Bill Payments
  3. Based on Additional Benefits
  4. Based on Value for Money Plans

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