WhatsApp recent highlights and the SIGNAL tops in an app’s play store

In recent days, messaging apps request users to let and agree when collecting user data, including phone numbers and location. To sort out this, Turkish Competition Board on investigation with WhatsApp owners’ written statement forced to stop data-collection requirements for a while.


  • The last date fixed for agreeing new term is FEB 8.
  • Telegram and Signal App spikes now.
  • Law dissents with Turks.
SIGNAL - A Messaging App
SIGNAL – A Messaging App

The competition board on further investigation into Facebook and WhatsApp said about the recent suspension in sharing the WhatsApp data. The recent update in WhatsApp terms of service allows Facebook and its subsidiaries to collect the user data.   The instant messaging app service says the terms of service updation are only for the WhatsApp business accounts. The deadline fixed for agreeing to these new terms is on or before 8.

Whatsapp vs Telegram vs Signal
Whatsapp vs Telegram vs Signal

SIGNAL Tops App Store and Google play Charts – IN, US – Whatsapp Privacy Change

It is number one on the App store and number 3 on the Google play store. Elon Musk’s tweet helped SIGNAL to see a huge rise in new registrations. You can check the SIGNAL highlights here:

  • Switch to a Signal now, by Edward Snowden and Vijay Shekar Sharma
  • WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton created the “SIGNAL”
  • Initiated when WhatsApp users agreed to the new policies.

In many countries, Signal tops in the Google Play charts, and it occupies a number one position in the Indian Market. On checking the same in Google Play, this app is found in position 3. This huge migration is due to the new WhatsApp change in privacy policies. WhatsApp is forcing its users to agree to the new terms before Feb 8th. If they forget to accept the new terms, they cannot use the same after Feb 8th. This officially made several WhatsApp users to leave this and to move to the SIGNAL application.

TOP Charts of SIGNAL in the US, UK, and more

The huge downloads are because of the position of SIGNAL Application in India and other countries. In some countries like the US, UK, Germany, Lebanon, and France, this app occupies a number 3 position on Google play whereas; the number 1 position on App store in India. You can see SIGNAL even occupies 3rd position on Google play store even in Brazil and Singapore.

Bunch of followers to use SIGNAL

Tesla’s Elon Musk, Edward Snowden, and Paytm CEO Vijay Shekar Sharma are the major reason for the sudden and huge rise in Signal. They suggested their followers use this SIGNAL App as WhatsApp and Facebook are taking its users for granted. This is the main reason behind the movement of WhatsApp users to Signal Application.

After the tweet by Musk, Signal stated about the huge spike in new registrations on Signal. Some registrations filed about the delay caused in sending the verification code. However, the signal’s founder replied to it, “The glitches will be fixed soon.” so anyone can sign into the Signal easily.

Security mechanism in Messaging apps
Security mechanism in Messaging apps

The latest tweet accused FB of paying money to show messenger at the top when someone searches for SIGNAL in the App store. There won’t be any ads displayed on Signal and the data is only found on the user’s hand. The WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton founded this Signal and concluded this as the best standard for privacy amongst journalists, academics, and security experts.

Other Messaging Apps:

Users are also shifting to other messaging apps like Telegram and other messaging applications in the market. However, the new policy in WhatsApp privacy policy change or update is only for the business accounts; no change is observed for the normal users. This huge involvement towards signal shows that WhatsApp business account privacy change doesn’t work well.

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