CoWIN App is going to be the official vaccine app of India

CoWIN is the official App by our central government, which is yet to be released on the Google Play store. This App is still in the pre-production stage and it is yet to be released on the play store. Let’s see the overview of this digitized application below.

CoWIN Application – Highlights

  1. This App has an administration module for the large volume of registrations
  2. No access granted to the users right now
  3. IT Minister challenged to strengthen this Application.
CoWIN - The Official Vaccine App of India
CoWIN – The official Vaccine App

COVID-19 – Our government is looking for the release of vaccines for this pandemic disease. They also want the people to be notified of the vaccines and other measures to fight against Corona. So, they are working on the Application named “CoWIN” for the welfare of the people. This App is still in the pre-production stage and it is yet to be released in the play store after some days. So, no need to download any kind of apps from the play store now. Whenever you’re dealing with sensitive issues and matters, ensure Application download is only from a trusted source. Our central government introduced this “CoWIN” app for the people’s welfare but it is under process now.

Why the App is named “CoWIN”

 CoWIN – COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network is a one-stop place to get updated about the Vaccines. This digital platform is well-streamlined and processed about the vaccination process. On further adding to it, IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad asked the development team to enhance more challenging benefits to augment, scale, and strengthen the CoWIN Application to be more powerful.

This CoWIN App is not launched yet because it is in the pre-processing stage. They’re repeatedly testing this Application by including a large number of people, a more modules with a right functionality, and others. Our central government has decided to administer it to the frontline workers and because of that the details, this CoWIN Application is yet to be out. If you wish to get more details, you can check on this, MeitY (Ministry of health and family welfare) website.

CoWIN App with more modules

CoWIN App is supposed to have more modules which include modules for bulk registration, registration module for beneficiaries, vaccination details and updates, acknowledgment status, SMS alert, electronic vaccination certificate, and a dashboard consisting of all basic information like name, age, mobile number, date and time of vaccination, place of vaccination, session city, name of the vaccinator, and so on. These details will be completed added in the CoWIN App dashboard to find their details easily.

As already said, you cannot download this CoWIN App now from the play store because this App has not launched yet. In the same way, you can’t find the registered official website now.  At the moment, only a few users are given the right to make use of the app. This is just a pre-announcement of the Application by our government. Once the Application and website are launched, everyone can use this Application through a simple registration process.

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