Telegram-Charging money for some features from 2021

Are you a Telegram user? Or your acquaintances use Telegram? Telegram’s founder and CEO, Pavel Durov, last week announced a premium plan for Telegram. This plan generates revenue for Telegram from the starting day of Jan 1st, 2021″.

Telegram to charge money from 2021

Check out this summary highlights:

  1. In the upcoming days or months, telegram is not for free to the users.
  2. To keep the business on the revenue track for the year 2021.
  3. Durov in his official telegram’s account shared a message about an investment he made from his personal account.

Do you want to know more about the telegram changes?

Here is a clear explanation from the founder and CEO of Telegram. He said that Telegram will soon reach around 500 million active users, to ensure this successful growth forever, a company requires a sufficient fund to run the business. He also added that for the company’s expenses he used his personal savings as an investment. Now the company is successfully going with many active users, and thus it needs regular funding services.

On further talk about his plans, Durov said, “Telegram will start to generate revenue from the start of 2021. In accordance, we follow all our values and the pledges we made for the last 7 years. I thank our current scale for performing well in a non-intrusive way. Hardly, users will be notified with the changes”, he added.

Are you excited to know the features plan in Telegram?

When discussing charging money Telegram features, he cleared that the features which are currently free would remain free. No implication of any charges on the free features. Pavel said, “Telegram basic features are completely free. Adding some features to the business teams or powered users may use more resources. And that features will be paid for by the premium users. Regular users are allowed to enjoy these Telegram services free for forever”, he said.

Happy news for the Telegram Messengers – The message will be ad-free:

During his talk about one-on-one messaging service, it’d be completely an ad-free one. He also says that displaying ads in the middle of the message doesn’t look nice.

Once Telegram has started to earn money, then its community should also benefit equally. For instance, when we monetize a large volume of one–to–many channels via the Ad support, owners of these channels will start to receive reasonable traffic based on the proportion and size. On the other side, if Telegram is using premium stickers to dictate the additional and expressive features, the artists who’re involved in this type of work will also gain a part of the profit earned. We specifically aim to enrich the experience of all our users through Telegram-based creators and small businesses.

Durov in his final talk said it is not planned to sell Telegram as the founder of WhatsApp does. “Telegram is a completely autonomous platform that respects user with a quality services. It also serves the world like how a tech company strives for perfection and Integrity. Some sad examples of our predecessors show it is not possible to become a part of a corporation”, he concluded.

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