Latest Release of Saregama Carvaan Karaoke with Display

Here is good news for Carvaan lovers! Some interesting features add enthusiasm to the audio listeners. Yes, the explicit release of the new audio player in the Carvaan series has got the display screen to throw the lyrics of songs out when the karaoke feature is used. This is really special news for Carvaan Karaoke users.

The key features of this release are:

  • A display screen to show the lyrics – Saregama Carvaan Karaoke has been recently launched.
  • Also, this is preloaded with thousands of classical songs of Hindi
  • The starting price of this Saregama Carvaan is 19,990rs.

The release of Saregama Carvaan in India

Saregama Carvaan is special for the audio and karaoke listeners. The new feature, i.e. display is added to the saregama carvaan series to delight the users with a list of lyrics on it. Moreover, it is also pre-loaded with several Hindi Classical songs along with other language options.

Saregama Carvaan Karaoke audio player is similar to the original one of the Carvaan speaker. The same vintage design of the old one is added along with the button to increase and decrease the volume of the speakers. In addition to that, this Carvaan device is built with a rear part of the Bluetooth speaker. Buyers will also get a mike when you plan to buy this saregama caravan audio speaker. Let us now check the features, price, and specifications of this saregama Carvaan speaker in detail.

Saregama Carvaan Karaoke with Display
Saregama Carvaan with display

The price of Saregama Carvaan in India:

In India, the saregama Carvaan is launched for Rs 19,990. The same audio player is available on the official website of saregama, so, anyone can buy the same from there. In the next few days, you can expect the same product on any of the popular shopping websites. The recent launch of this audio speaker is available in a metallic red color.

Specs of Saregama Carvaan:

The new release of the Saregama Carvaan has got some of the features from the initial releases. If you see, the latest Carvaan has pre-loaded with 1000 Hindi songs whereas the older version of Carvaan has pre-loaded with 500 songs. So, now it is easy to avail of the pre-loaded 1000 tracks along with this Saregama Carvaan new feature. But now, you can make use of other models like FM, AM, Aux, USB, Bluetooth, and so on. The presence of these modes shows that you can enjoy your karaoke sessions through these options as well.

There are two 5W speakers in the single Saregama Carvaan speaker. When talking about connectivity, it comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM-AM, HDMI, and with a 3.5mm port. The in-built screen shows the Carvaan features in a resolution of 800*480 pixels. It also consists of a 4000mAh battery where the speaker is capable of audio playback for up to 6 hours on a single charge.

In the box, you can find 2 mikes that come along with the saregama Carvaan speaker box. These mikes are used to sing tracks, listening to music, audio, controlling the volume, and other things on the mic or speaker. The mic is also enhanced with a filtering feature that can omit extra noise, echo, and other disturbances caused.

You can buy this cool product, Saregama Carvaan Karaoke here.

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