Reddit – Create a short video

Reddit is one of the popular network communities. Their latest announcement shows the acquirement of short-form video creation – a kind of Dubsmash platform for an undisclosed amount.

Some of the highlights are because of their acquirement

  • On Sunday, Reddit has acquired the Dubsmash rivalry
  • Now the video creation tools will also be available to the Reddit users
  • Co-founders of Dubsmash are ready to associate their partnership with Reddit.

On Monday, Reddit officially confirms their acquirement of short-form video creation tools with Dubsmash. It is also stated that this acquisition is for an undisclosed amount. Reddit community in a press meeting, “Dubsmash workforce along with the cofounders now unites with Reddit to form a larger community in the creation of short videos”. This strong acquisition helps Reddit users to make use of this cool feature for an endless discussion and engagement with others. Now, Dubsmash is ready to include this in their catalog along with their creator base, as the acquisition with the Reddit community is now complete.

Reddit with Dubsmash
Reddit with Dubsmash

Why Dubsmash acquired with Reddit?

In recent days, TikTok is one of the popular and most-used applications among users for entertainment activities. Four to five years back, Dubsmash is the one that does the same work as TikTok. The recent fame and evolution of the TikTok application show the limitation of Dubsmash video creation tools. However, Dubsmash is also allowed the users to choose the short video template from the wide catalog. Additionally, it also allows the one to create and remix their recorded version in various languages, editing, applying filters, and so on. These are some of the unique features of Dubsmash during their time. Once the applications like TikTok and others are on track, Dubsmash has started to know and realize their limitations. The diversified creation of video tools powerfully occupied the place of Dubsmash.

Reddit on the press meet also stated that “Reddit is one of the network community platforms that make use of all the tools along with the creator base of Dubsmash for a rich one.” They also quoted that “Dubsmash two biggest strengths are in association with us – Dubsmash mission is combined with Reddit’s own mission for a stronger community and another one is Reddit is a place to curate content whereas Dubsmash is a place for building a welcoming platform for the under-represented users in Social Media” – briefly stated by Reddit.

How it helps Reddit editors on the Go!

In the Reddit app, now Reddit users can find the new video creation tools along with the content creation work. Reddit officially said, “We’re not sure with all users, but it will definitely benefit some of the Redditors to develop content and a video richer than before”. They also explicitly said, video content creation tools will allow creators to express themselves in original and authentic ways.

This acquisition encourages content creation across network communities. The percentage shows that there are 25% black teens in the US and there are 70% female users. It is also showed that 30% of the users can log in to create content on the everyday.  Because Reddit is capable of generating more than one billion views per month, as per Reddit’s statement on a press meet.

Reddit and Dubsmash share equal respect for the communities being together, says Reddit CEO. The purpose of Dubsmash supports the creators whereas Reddit supports the sense of community to grow and effectively learn from one another. During the Dubsmash years, it is found that the video enhances the art of creativity, more interactions, and a strong connection with the communities, says Dubsmash Head. They both concluded the acquisition through the idea of creators around topics, interests, and Reddit pioneered the growth of the Dubsmash Community.

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