Secret Santa Gifts under Rs 1000

Christmas Eve is nearing us. Are you confused about what to gift your friends/colleagues? Don’t worry, you can check the below list to make your Christmas special. All the below items approximately match in the range of 500 to 1000.

Every technology gadget is meant to excite you with the latest era. The smart approach used in the technology account for many benefits. And I assure you gifting these items to someone will definitely ease their life in any way. In this scenario, these gifts encourage their lives at an affordable cost. Some of the cool and affordable gift items along with their unique features are mentioned for you. Continue your reading to find the immense gifts that will completely benefit everyone to the core.

Clock Safe:

This gift is smart enough to keep on the desk or somewhere. This is really special for someone who tries to manage things with time. This cool product also involves the key where you can safeguard all your processions. The price of this clock safe depends upon the size and features, but the basic rate of this 999. Check this to buy clock safe.

Clock Safe
clock safe

Bluetooth speakers

If you find your colleague is an audio lover, this will be the best option for them. Gifting a pair of Bluetooth speakers ease their normal routine. These devices are portable, compact, and can be used anywhere at any time. Bluetooth speakers are rechargeable and are available in various shapes and sizes. The budget range of these speakers is 550 – 600.

Bluetooth speakers
Bluetooth speakers

USB Lighter:

USB lighter is a portable device with anti-wind technology. They can be used outdoors too. They are available in various shapes and sizes and it is easy to carry anywhere with you. The USB lighter is even rechargeable so you need not worry about whether the lighter will run out of gas. The cool product is available at the rate of 700 – 850.

USB Lighter
USB Lighter

Portable water purifier:

This is one of the latest water purifier used to kill 99.99% of bacteria in water. Moreover, this purifier is capable of filtering up to 1000 liters of water. The purifier is compact, clean, and durable to withstand its life for 5yrs under normal temperature. The cost of this portable water purifier is 949/- only.

portable water purifier
Portable water purifier

Shower speaker:

This Bluetooth-enabled shower speaker is built with the latest technology. The shower speakers’ price starts at a rate of 599. It is enhanced with great sound quality, water-resistant measures. So it is easy to connect the speaker via Bluetooth and start to enjoy your bathing time.

Shower speaker
Shower speaker

Car charger:

It has a small adaptor that can be plugged into cars provided into the one or more USB Outputs. The car charger is capable to convert the required volts. The price range of the car charger usually lies in the range of 199 – 1000.

Car charger
Car charger

Smart flask:

Smart flasks are built-in with an active temperature display. A hot & cold flask keeps your beverage for a long time. Various capacities are available to meet user requirements endlessly. The price range of this smart flask is 400 -100.

Smart flask
Smart flask

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